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  • Updated
  • Version 1.1.1
  • Requirements Android 6.0
  • Genre Adventure
  • Price Free
  • Votes: 84
  • Comments: 1
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Pilgrims is an exciting adventure in the puzzle and quest genre that immerses you in a world of mysteries and discoveries. In this unique game, you become a traveler exploring enigmatic locations, meeting interesting characters, and solving mind-bending puzzles.

In Pilgrims, you'll dive into an incredibly colorful world filled with secrets and riddles. Every corner of this world is steeped in its own history, and your task is to uncover it. Traveling through various locations, you'll interact with diverse characters, help them with their problems, and uncover new aspects of the game's amazing universe.

Pilgrims will surprise you with its unusual approach to gameplay. There are no strict rules or limitations - you decide where to go, which tasks to complete, and which puzzles to solve. Your journey depends entirely on your actions, and every decision you make influences the development of the story.

One of the key features of Pilgrims is its atmosphere. An immersive soundtrack and stunning graphics plunge you into the game's atmosphere from the very first minutes. Every design element is infused with attention to detail, making the game world incredibly vivid and captivating.

The game offers you a unique opportunity to forge your own path, discovering something new and amazing each time. Pilgrims will never cease to amaze you with its variety and the unexpected twists of the plot. Get ready for an exciting journey through a wondrous world full of mysteries and secrets!

So, embark on your adventure with Pilgrims and explore new horizons in the world of mobile gaming!
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Comments 1

  1. Reza7
    the game itself can be run on android 14 but why can't I install this mod version on android 14? it gives me a freaking error, any help?????