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Intel at CES 2022: new processors, video cards, motherboards, cooling systems and other products

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Intel at CES 2022: new processors, video cards, motherboards, cooling systems and other products
Intel is not going to let go of competitors, so at CES 2022 also presented a number of its consumer products.

Alder Lake Desktop Processors

The Alder Lake line of desktop chips were announced last fall. Then only six models were presented (three with and without a GPU), but to date, the line has increased by another 22 models of different performance classes.

The presented models have lost the unlocked multiplier that was available in the 1st wave devices. At the same time, processors have become more economical. All the main technical features of the chips are presented below.

Intel at CES 2022: new processors, video cards, motherboards, cooling systems and other products

All processors are already available for purchase.

Intel also talked a little about the unreleased Core i9-12900KS chip. Its capabilities indicate the provision of a maximum frequency for one core at around 5.5 GHz. In multi-core workloads, the clock speed can reach 5.2 GHz.

During the presentation, the operation of the Core i9-12900KS was shown in real time with the monitoring program HWInfo to show the clock frequencies of high-performance and energy-efficient cores. Image shows P-Core at 5.2 GHz and E-Core at 4 GHz. But it didn't work out to capture the frequencies of the single core at 5.5 GHz.

The S in the Core i9-12900KS designates the Special Edition. The processor will be released in limited quantities. At the moment, the chip is already starting to be released, it will soon become available to OEM customers. It is not yet known whether it will appear in retail. Also, the degree of power consumption and heat release for this CPU is not named.

Motherboards and heat dissipation

In addition to branded chips, Intel also showed motherboards with coolers. Several 600 Series solutions will be available to motherboard manufacturers: the H670, B660 and H610. They act as a complement to the already announced Z690. Comparative characteristics of the solutions are presented below.

Intel Laminar coolers will also be bundled with Alder Lake chips: RH1 (Core i9), RM1 (i3, i5, i7), RS1 (Pentium, Celeron).

Mobile CPU Alder Lake

Intel launches a 12th generation line of devices based on a combo structure. The first consumer processors will be H-series solutions, which have a very significant Professor Base Power - 45 watts. All chips have P-Core and E-Core.

Intel claims that their mobile solutions, in particular the flagship Core i9-12900HK, outperform the competitors AMD Ryzen 5900HX and Apple M1 Max. The firm confirms its statement with performance tests for resource-intensive games and applications. It will actually be possible to find out how things will stand with performance against the background of competitors by testing the chips in real conditions.

In addition, Intel will release more budget versions of the P- and U-series mobile chips. Their characteristics are presented below.

Intel Evo program update

The company presented an update to the Intel Evo certification program. Thus, the standard added updated requirements to improve the quality of video calls. Certification has also been expanded for more powerful devices and new foldable designs.

For Evo certification with Alder Lake chips, new laptop models must be equipped with next-generation processors. Also, devices must have a 1080p and more camera module, Wi-Fi 6E, and AI-based noise cancellation to meet video calling requirements.

Intel Evo will be rolled out to more performance notebooks with H-series processors. Evo certification is a professional focus, so it is unlikely to be supported by gaming PCs.

The third category of certification will be laptops with foldable screens, which will hit the market later this year. These will be subject to standard requirements based on the design of the display.

In addition, Intel will roll out Project Athena to desktop computers. It will work to improve privacy and resilience.

Intel Arc Discrete Graphics

Little information has become known about the Arc video adapters. Intel said shipments of 1st generation Alchemist devices have already begun. The devices will be used by manufacturers such as Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc.

Intel did not share much details about discrete solutions. It is known that video cards will receive support for hardware accelerated ray tracing, AI-based supersampling and other useful functions for gamers and content makers. The exact timing of the release of computers with these video cards is unknown.

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