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Working buses may appear in GTA 6

Working buses may appear in GTA 6
Fans continue to carefully study the sensational teaser trailer. This time they suggested that another type of public transport would appear in the game, which you can use to move around the city.

Thus, users allegedly discovered that full-fledged buses will appear in GTA 6. At 27 seconds into the trailer, a bus stop can be seen where people are waiting for a bus. There's also a highly detailed bus stop sign that fans feel can't be used as just a regular object with no functionality.

Some users were not very positive about the possible innovation, suggesting that GTA could turn into a real-life simulator. Other gamers, on the contrary, approved of the idea, since traveling by bus could be a convenient feature, which was implemented in a similar way with trains in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Working buses may appear in GTA 6

Public transport in the GTA series appeared in GTA 3, released in 2001. It was possible to take a taxi there. This option was left in the following parts. In GTA 4, trains and subways were added to taxis.

Miami, on which Vice City (the setting of GTA 6) is based, has a developed bus network, so the innovation could have a positive impact on the authenticity and immersion of the gameplay.
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