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Farming Simulator 16

Farming Simulator 16
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  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Genre Simulation
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Farming Simulator 16 is a continuation of a unique series of games for Android dedicated to busy farm life. What is its uniqueness? Under your control is all kinds of machines, used for agricultural work. The first of these is a small harvester which will harvest for subsequent sale. Used to control the standard screen buttons, and a gyroscope. You need to keep under control both the direction and speed of the machine.

Special equipment requires additional tools. You will have to choose recipes for specific types of agricultural activities. So, the well-known plough, indispensable as the digging of the earth for the next sowing. There are special fixtures for the harvest. Here lies the significant problem of the game – there is no detailed manual, thanks to which it would be clear that you want to buy and where to go to thoroughly earn.

Farming Simulator 16 allow for automatic operation of the combine harvester. Free time you can work on the tractor or control another field. In addition, there is the opportunity to visit his personal farm and purchase cattle, to extract profit from it, selling milk and wool.

A new part of a series of games adds wood processing, as well as special equipment for it. The thus obtained materials need to trade in diverse markets, carefully evaluating the most advantageous offers. Farming Simulator 16 – interesting and somewhat improved the farmer, in which you can play with friends.
Farming Simulator 16
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  2. علي
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