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Vector 2

Vector 2
  • Updated
  • Version 1.2.1
  • Requirements Android 4.1
  • Genre Arcade
  • Price Free
  • Votes: 2611
  • Comments: 13
Popularity 65% 65%


Vector 2 - the long-awaited continuation of the popular runner for Android. The development of the game is the Studio NEKKI previously released such hits as Shadow Fight 2 and the first part of running man. The app got a brand new graphics and animation, improved control and even more fascinating gameplay, which by the way has become much more difficult.

The protagonist must pass many tests to become an agent in spec. service. The process of passing is divided into levels, which are quite short, but contain a large number of traps and obstacles, so no time to relax. And if some levels were given to the first approach, in the update to repeat this would be virtually impossible. You should bear in mind that in case of failure of the operation of our agent discards the previous stage.

To start certain tasks the player will have to fork out for a special game currency that is earned in the process of passing the Vector 2. In the case of multiple failure in a row, the main character goes to rest until then, until you recover energy.

The obvious drawback of the game are insurmountable areas on some levels. They can go only in case if the agent will get a special shoes or other equipment. These improvements can be bought in-game store for the currency that accumulates with the passage of the jobs.

Management is carried out by gestures, and can say that it has remained untouched since the release of the first game. Action-arcade game Vector 2 - a worthy continuation of the legendary game, which will delight with its innovative approach to the development of the plot.
Vector 2
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Comments 13

  1. Yasuo Uchiha
    Yasuo Uchiha
    I Not Stuck In Upgrade Kits😁. "100% NO FAKE" Guys Watch My Video In Youtube "search Vector 2 MOD Not Stuck To Play By:Yasuo Uchiha, Its Me☺️"
  2. absolute
    1. play regular vector up to the point where you get the advanced protocol
    2. install a file managing app like ZArchiver
    3. go to android/data/
    4. hold press on com.nekki.vector2 and press copy
    5. go to downloads and paste
    6. uninstall regular vector and download and install this vector'
    7. go to the com.nekki.vector2 that you copy pasted, enter the folder, hold on files, press copy
    8. go to android/data/ again
    9. go to com.nekki.vector2paid
    10. enter the folder.
    11. press paste and select all replace
    12. boom you have infinite crates and it doesn't force you to open them
    1. absolute
      alright i found a problem i am still trying to fix, when you finish any quests that give you crates it glitches and wont let you accept the reward
  3. Guest Anas
    Guest Anas
    Please add a mod .that is chips increase when spent.Your website is the best modder of the Games.so you can add mod that I requested please. Thanks to 5playru best website
    The bug with the kits is very annoying I just thought I could play this game peacefully
  5. Default001
    Ok just a questions... in the mod pack when i start the game and enter the "kit pack" menu... just tell me how to exit it... because literally how am going to play the game if you need to open 9999999 kits🤐...
    1. Default001
      SaMe problem
    2. Muddassir
      He is right absulutaly
    3. Muhammad Ali
      Muhammad Ali
      First install vector 2[Not Premium].Play 5 stages of vector 2{Not premium].Then copy vector 2 data and paste into vector 2 premium.enjoy.
      1. DEATHFACE
        Man what kind of genius are you? Thank you so much mate 💥💥
      2. Falcon
        Bruh then will I have unlimited everything in vector 2 premium after copying data from vector 2 not premium?
      3. Xcarl
        Explain step by step bro!!
    4. galagala17820
      my prob too...😓