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Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter
  • Updated
  • Version 1.15.9
  • Requirements Android 7.0
  • Genre Simulation
  • Price Free
  • Votes: 3652
  • Comments: 11
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Fallout Shelter - original game in which the player will control a bunker in a post-apocalyptic world. By and large, this simulator was developed as part of the promotional campaign ahead of the release of the long awaited Fallout 4, but despite this app are quite distinctive.

The plot is a post-apocalyptic world in which people are forced to leave their homes and move into special bins. One of these will run will be to manage the player. The main challenge here lies in maintaining the normal conditions for residents. To increase the population in two ways. The first is to settle man and woman in one room, the second to put the person to bleed the characteristic of "charisma" in the room for communication. To view information about a person once is enough to click on it.

To get resources in the Fallout Shelter, including food, water and electricity, it is also necessary in each room to set proper parameters of people, and every few minutes to check the availability of inventory. Occasionally the hopper can attack the raiders, and to repel their attack, you need every resident to give their arms. To produce ammunition inside the bunker is impossible, so the planned outing is simply inevitable.

For completing missions, the user will be rewarded with special lids, and sometimes a briefcase. Below the map is a person with good indicators, ammunition and other equipment. The graphics in the game nothing stands out. In fact this is a sort of farm where the user most of time as an observer, and life inside the bunker is in itself.

Fallout Shelter unfortunately did not meet the expectations of the fans, but, nevertheless, it is interesting and original project that will definitely appeal to fans of games of this genre.
Fallout Shelter
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Comments 11

  1. Im so cool.
    Im so cool.
    It's all in a language I can't underst
  2. Dwaineacero
    Update please
  3. Myrhiam
    I already had this mod... But the boxes don't increase 🤔
  4. Reece
    It's stuck in a black loading screen. It loads the black screen but it takes you to a fallout shelter screen and doesn't do anything. If you restart you game it repeats the process again. I went to download the Google play version but it now does the same with your logo that pops up. Can you help please.
  5. RAR
    Loading screen goes black. It wont wo
  6. Razer-sama
    Pls make a mod that lunchboxes are unlimited too..
  7. NGC300
    Thanks for the update.
  8. Dragonnetic
    It gets stuck in an infinite loading screen
  9. Guest Jer
    Guest Jer
    it gives an error 'it seems you did not purchase this game' sort of message
  10. Vince
    Update this game plsss
  11. Aldi
    The game can't play, because stuck at loading screen.. please fix it.. thanks.