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Transformers: Earth Wars

ARM64 Transformers: Earth Wars
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Transformers: Earth Wars is an online strategy game that tells the story of a long struggle between two races of transformers – Autobots and Decepticons. On planet Earth arrive Decepticons led by Megatron. They aim to take all natural resources from the bowels of the Earth to create an Energy component. To protect humanity sent Autobots led by Optimus Prime. Now only the player depends on which of the robot factions will win.

At the beginning of the game it is offered to choose the party of the conflict for which the user wants to play. You can feel like a Savior of the Earth, choosing the Autobots, and all-powerful villain, choosing the Decepticons. After selecting a faction, a global map appears, where you will have to undergo training, build several infrastructure facilities, kill the first enemy attacking the base. After that, the fun begins - the action is transferred to the battlefield. There will have to use all the tactical knowledge and wit to win over the enemy.

The graphics and sound in the game are beautiful. They are forced to plunge headlong into the vicissitudes of the struggle between the two races of transformers and head carried away in the gameplay. Transformers: Earth Wars – a good strategy that is sure to appeal to fans of comics, cartoons and movies about transformers.
Transformers: Earth Wars
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Comments 3

  1. Graeme
    Help how do I get the cheats to work?
  2. Didarkata
    It's ok
  3. Dhiru97
    Save the earth