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Hacker stole $ 600 million in cryptocurrency and is now trying to recover funds

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Hacker stole $ 600 million in cryptocurrency and is now trying to recover funds
An anonymous hacker (or a group of crackers) stole $ 600 million in cryptocurrency after hacking the Poly Network protocol. Now he is trying to return the funds received.

Poly Network is a protocol that can be used to transfer digital currency between blockchains. Because of this role of the bridge, the stolen funds are in the form of different tokens, ranging from Ethereum to Dogecoin. According to Bloomberg, this hack is one of the largest in the field of decentralized finance.

The Poly Network team reached out to the attacker via Twitter. It is noted in the message that the stolen funds belonged to real people and criminal liability may arise for this crime.

Most likely, the appeal worked. After some time, the hacker announced that he was ready to return the money, but he needed to provide a way to send it back to the Poly Network. After that, he was given addresses, where tokens later began to flow.

As of Wednesday, the hacker has returned about $ 5 million. At the same time, it became obvious that the criminal initially returned the currency with a lower value, which he had previously reported with the text "DUMPING SHITCOINS FIRST" (First, dump useless coins).

Previously, theories were put forward about how the hacker managed to crank this case. Two cybersecurity teams speculated that the hacker might have signed the transfers with a legal private key, or used an error to sign the message. Poly Network immediately stopped these assumptions, noting that the criminals managed to use the interaction of two contracts.

The attacker behind the theft made several conflicting statements. At the beginning, after the start of the refund, he said that he was not too interested in them, because he wanted to return some tokens or was just going to leave them here. He went on to say that the return (or, in his words, the salvation of the world) would turn him into a "legend for the ages." In the latest publication, there is an appeal for the purpose of donating funds from those who support the decision to return, which does not fit with the initial appeal of lack of interest in funds.
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