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Philips Hue smart bulbs merge with Spotify

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Philips Hue smart bulbs merge with Spotify
Since September 1st, Philips Hue smart lights have teamed up with Spotify music streaming. This feature will allow you to synchronize lighting with the owner's playlist and get advanced light music.

The luminaires will work according to a unique algorithm that analyzes the composition's metadata in real time. Thus, the lamps will adjust to the tempo of the playing track, changing the brightness and colors, blinking and fading. In addition, the devices will begin to respond to increasing or decreasing volume, tone and other aspects of the sound. The algorithm will be able to function without a microphone, as is customary in other similar systems. Everything will be carried out in the proprietary program thanks to synchronization with Spotify.

You can customize your personal preferences in Philips Hue utility. So, the owner of smart lamps will be able to choose devices for synchronization, change the brightness and intensity of light, adjust the color palette.

Philips Hue smart bulbs merge with Spotify

The integration of fixtures and streaming will be free. To activate the functionality, you need to have a Hue Bridge hub and lamps that can change the color shade. In the program, the user should go to the Explore tab, then tap the Philips Hue + Spotify plate and go to the settings, following the instructions.
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