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Google Lens Updates Announcement

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Google Lens Updates Announcement
At its own annual Search On presentation, Google announced several enhancements to its Lens neural network image recognition service. In particular, it will become available for iOS and PC platforms.

Earlier, at the Google I / O event, the launch of the Multitask Unified Model (MUM) technology was announced, which, according to the developers' assurance, can read information immediately in text, graphic and video formats. In addition, the model is able to recognize ideas and look for connections between concepts. As an example, it was demonstrated how the technology selected a pattern on a shirt in a search engine, and then tried to find a similar pattern on socks. MUM will be added to Google Lens.

A few months ago, users discovered that when they right-clicked the mouse, the item Lens on Desktop appeared. Its activation was not available to all users. When you clicked, Lens searched for pictures, videos and text on the site, and then laid out the search results on the same tab. This function will also be introduced into the service.

Lens Mode functionality will also be available in the Google app on iOS. This mode will enable you to search sites for images showing commercially available products. Now the option works only in the United States, it is not known whether it will be implemented everywhere.
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