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iOS 16.3 has been released. What innovations await users?

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iOS 16.3 has been released. What innovations await users?
On January 24, Apple smartphones and tablets began receiving stable versions of iOS and iPad OS 16.3 with several important features.

iOS 16.3 has been released. What innovations await users?

A major OS update is the ability to use a hardware security key (for example, Yubikey), which replaces the confirmation code for authorization in Apple ID. In addition, in all regions, including the Russian Federation, support for encrypting iCloud backups has been added. Activating this feature makes it so that Apple loses access to the user's personal media files located in the cloud storage.

The key recovery function will allow you not to lose access to encrypted data, but it must be saved separately in advance. You can also use another device with the same linked user account instead and get an unlock code.

In new versions of the LAN, the method of launching the emergency call function has changed. Now, to start the countdown, you must simultaneously hold down the power and volume keys, and then release one of these two buttons. This approach will reduce the number of false positives of the function. However, it turns off easily. In the list of other new equipment, developers note the addition of the second version of HomePod to the support system.

Other updates include new default wallpapers and a fix for green bars on the iPhone 14 Pro Max display. The following bugs have also been removed:

• Incorrect status display on the Home lock screen widget
• Incorrect response to requests from the user to Siri, related to music
• Incorrect response to user requests to Siri in CarPlay mode
• Incorrect display of wallpaper on the lock screen with a transition to shades of black
• Apple strokes were not displayed in Freeform

The company also presented a correction and a list of other malfunctions. You can update the software "over the air" or in the updates section.
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