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First Marvel's Spider-Man 2 gameplay video released

First Marvel's Spider-Man 2 gameplay video released
The video was shown at the PlayStation Showcase.

The video features Peter Parker, Miles Morales, the Lizard and Kraven the Hunter. Parker makes full use of the possibilities of the symbiotic suit, which is clearly emphasized. Miles, in turn, uses various gadgets.

As for the plot content of the video, both Spiders are trying to catch the Lizard and return him to the appearance of Curt Connors. They need to do this in order to develop a drug for Harry Osborne.

The gameplay video has already been compared in terms of visuals with the remaster of the first part for PS5. This was done on the ElAnalistaDeBits YouTube channel. Comparative video makes it clear that the developers have improved lighting and shadows, raised the level of detail of the world and characters. The creators also worked on the physical model of the grass and added several locations.

As for the gameplay, there are also fresh elements here. So, the video shows a new interaction in the process of flying on the web and faster movement.

The author of the comparative video noted that a number of frames of the second part have problems with detail and artifacts. Most likely before the release all this will be fixed.

The release of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is expected in the fall. The game will be available on PlayStation 5.


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