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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
  • Updated
  • Version 13.6.1 (1306102)
  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Genre Adventure
  • Price Free
  • Votes: 3633
  • Comments: 446
Popularity 63% 63%


KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD - arcade simulator of a socialite. The user is prompted to assume the role of a star that will advance your career in the world of high fashion. First, the main character or heroine is a simple shopper fashion boutique that had recently moved to Sunny Los Angeles.

Once in the store she looks Kim Kardashian and asks for help in choosing the outfit for the social event. In gratitude for the help she's ready to help the character navigate the world of show business. In the game you must earn points in popularity, thus becoming a star. When dealing with popular people, you need to perform plot tasks that directly affect the experience and money.

Knowledge of behavioral psychology helps to find a comfortable topic of conversation and to gain the interlocutor, at the right time he contributed to the promotion of the character. KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD is a good example of a simulator stellar personality that reveals a lobby of the world model and show business.
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
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Comments 446

  1. nunyattsut
    there is a new update !!
  2. Suzan Ashraf
    Suzan Ashraf
    Can you add all dyes to be free to the menu?? Thanks!
  3. Riri
    Do anybody have an idea of why can I not see the top shows? I’ve did the mission to unlock top shows where you have to shoot your show at your bel air home. I’m on level 43. I can do my show at my houses and it’ll give me followers but I want to be able to know where I rank but I can’t because when I go to top shows it says I haven’t unlocked it yet and wait for maria’s phone call, etc. Which makes no since if I haven’t unlocked it then why can I do my show.
    Por que as k estrelas não funcionam? O mod esta perfeito, mas não recebi as k estrelas
  5. Kienocs
    Can I ask? Is the random job/work where simon calls you for random jobs? I noticed in the previous updates are gone now. And I can do is do the tv shows to increase fans.
    I'm still in level 17 btw
  6. Kienocs
    Am I the only one who can't open the game it keeps crashing
  7. GirlPlay44
    Am I the only one who can't use dyes? 💔
  8. destinyyla
    Are you guys able to marry? My s/o's arent popping the question even tho I have more than enough hearts
  9. Phoenixgamer
    When i try to download it says cant load page what do i do
  10. Fian
    Why can't I open the game? It only shows the loading screen for a sec and then closes on its own
  11. Malija
    Don’t you girls or guys feel like kkh should let us have a more easier way of playing with your friends? Like for example, I feel like apple and android players should be able to play with each other and another example would be that you can’t have squads until you are on A-list and do that quest. I feel like that should be unlocked when you are on the E-list or at least the D-list like on Kendall and Kylie. It would be fun to have your friends on your squad and not just randoms. Oh, and I love this mod 5play appreciate you a lot. Never disappoints.
  12. ykwhatimsying
    Its a great mod but it'll be better if theres also diamonds
  13. CoryxKenshinFanzz
    Hello!! I’m very confused on why can’t I download any of 5play apps on my android? I click the links to the apps and it’ll go to the next screen saying web page unavailable or doesn’t exist. I’ve tried to download a lot of apps to see if it was just kkh but no it’s all of the apps. Is there a certain browser I’m supposed to use or a step that you are supposed to follow? I’m just confused because I’ve downloaded apps from here before and now it’s not working.
    1. Radheya
      Same problem here😭😭
    2. rogueone11
      I use chrome web browser to download, also try DuckDuckGo to block any ads from stopping the download.
  14. Allan Von Uckermann
    Allan Von Uckermann
    Tipo tá ótimo mas para melhorar só falta a próxima atualização ter diamante ilimitada em uma quantidade boa também pois está aparecendo muitos Colecionáveis de diamante e muitas vezes não temos nem a quantidade certa para pegar os colecionáveis e também a questão do corantes tinha que ser liberado para todas as roupas e só conseguimos se comprar as roupas enfim é isso mas o mod melhorou muito desdo mês passado
  15. Gabriela2103
    The official update 12.9.0 is out 😁can you please update the mod?😇
  16. raquelsilva3131
    muito obrigadaaaaaaa
  17. Cluxdyvtears
    I want to ask ya'll that I'm currently on lvl.20 but still I have not got any parterships or access to Top shows. Can someone say how to unlock these. Also, can someone say when Konnection app unlocks?
    1. Lolazanna
      Have got any quests?
  18. destinyyla
    Can you guys marry? For some reason the question isnt popping with my s/o even though I have more than enough hearts🤯
  19. rogueone11
    Hello Hello guys! I fixed my issue on my own I am so happy and now I can use this wonderful mod! I went to full screen apps in settings and changed to full screen instead of auto, it stopped the mod menu from flickering! Thank you 5play.ru! Have a great day/evening.
  20. rogueone11
    Hello, the mod menu won't work I constantly click on it and it just bounces around also I can't start the game because of it. Can anybody help me out? I'm wondering if the problem is on my end first.