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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
  • Updated
  • Version 13.6.1 (1306102)
  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Genre Adventure
  • Price Free
  • Votes: 3614
  • Comments: 450
Popularity 63% 63%


KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD - arcade simulator of a socialite. The user is prompted to assume the role of a star that will advance your career in the world of high fashion. First, the main character or heroine is a simple shopper fashion boutique that had recently moved to Sunny Los Angeles.

Once in the store she looks Kim Kardashian and asks for help in choosing the outfit for the social event. In gratitude for the help she's ready to help the character navigate the world of show business. In the game you must earn points in popularity, thus becoming a star. When dealing with popular people, you need to perform plot tasks that directly affect the experience and money.

Knowledge of behavioral psychology helps to find a comfortable topic of conversation and to gain the interlocutor, at the right time he contributed to the promotion of the character. KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD is a good example of a simulator stellar personality that reveals a lobby of the world model and show business.
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
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Comments 450

    With the update i can't play
  2. Easter
    Pls can the update be uploaded on the telegram page.
  3. Bibi
    Hi. I would like to ask if the modded versions come with all clothes unlocked? Thank you.
  4. Booboo
    Hey thanks alottt for the hard work you put into this mod
    But can you please add a dye mod also which will unlock all the Dyes
    It will be much appreciated!
  5. Guest jorge
    Guest jorge
    the download page as not found, what do i do, pleasee?!
  6. Booboo
    Hey does 12.6.1 comes with all tge items temporarily unlocked?
    Please tell me someone
  7. Guest Luna
    Guest Luna
    Hello I wanna one I noticed you updated the mod game but once you update it doest it change on the current mod I have a downloaded or I need to download it again to update it and start over??
  8. Kkh
    Please Please, can you make a mod with the option without all clothing so we don't lose the weekend events
  9. Farah Kkh
    Farah Kkh
    I can't wait for you to update the game to version 12:6:1 you are literally the best site and the best mod i've tried for this game.. thank you so much for your effort!
  10. T
    Please update to last version(12.6.1) 😁
  11. Eluy
    It's just crushing I can't even get passed the loading screen
  12. Gabiii
    Please update for 12.6.1 🥰
  13. Julia Alves
    Julia Alves
    make a costumed version of past events unlocked please! 😭☹️
  14. stephanon1776
    My game crashes when I try to launch app.
    1. MajorKillian
      You need to copy and paste the extracted file from the zip file into the obb file. Otherwise there's no data and your game will crash. Read my previous comment/reply if you do not know how to do this. The mod will work perfectly if you do this.
      1. bejingjing1
        I've done this but the game is still crashing :(
  15. Guest Lola
    Guest Lola
    Thanks for your work and your trouble friend. I am sorry to have to request smth, but would it be possible to make this mod have the option to turn everything on and off, including all the unlocked clothing? While it is actually the best and most needed feature imo, people could therefore get to finish missions that require bought items. But also buy out the store instead to increase the stars/hearts rating and also manage how much money we have ourselves by turning the options on and off and spending as needed.

    Many greetings
  16. Guest Emma
    Guest Emma
    Please, can you make a mod with the option without all clothing? I'll really appreciate that
  17. Miss Gaga
    Miss Gaga
    Thank you so much for making this amazing mod, I really appreciate it. I really hope you can make it for the next update as always xoxo
  18. quad 6
    quad 6
    how u guys pass the task "purchase a suit jacket from wedding collection" with this mod?
  19. Guest Sanchez
    Guest Sanchez
    Thank you for modding the game the way it is. I'm hoping you'll continue modding this game for every update
  20. Zee
    If the clothes are not permanent I would rather 2 different mods one with the clothes unlocked and one without.