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OPPO unveils a new generation of fast charging technology

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OPPO unveils a new generation of fast charging technology
OPPO showed off the latest developments in the field of fast charging of mobile devices. The presentation took place as part of the Flash Charge Open Day event.

Jeff Chan, the head of the OPPO VOOC Flash Charge science department, presented the achievements and improvements of the electronics manufacturer's technology of the same name. Research has focused on achieving the most efficient and safe operation of instant charging technology for the consumer. In particular, Chan talked about the introduction of a 5-fold protection system. He also noted an interest in studying new materials for making batteries, modernizing AI algorithms, improving design and other solutions that can be useful for promoting innovation.

Among the innovations that have a chance to be used in future developments, there is a gallium nitride switch, a composite current collector, and a battery safety unit. Also, smart charging technology can significantly improve other parameters of battery operation, such as durability, charging speed under certain conditions, achieving a balance between charging speed and optimal temperature indicators of a mobile device.

OPPO VOOC Flash Charge technology has advanced in approach to charging in extreme conditions. Now, updated AI algorithms are even more accurate in determining the optimal performance of the charging process, which helps users to successfully charge the device in any situation.
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