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Xiaomi showed a four-legged robot for $ 1540

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Xiaomi showed a four-legged robot for $ 1540
Xiaomi on the eve presented its experimental development - the four-legged CyberDog robot. If the presentation of the new Mix 4 smartphone and the Pad 5 line of tablets was expected, then the presentation of this gadget was a surprise.

CyberDog has a futuristic look that resembles another Spot from Boston Dynamics, which became available last summer for a cosmic $ 74,000. We can say that it was Boston Dynamics that radically influenced the popularization of such mechanisms. Their robotic dogs are primarily intended for industrial use, but can also perform simple tasks such as dancing.

At the moment, it is unclear exactly how the Xiaomi Robop could be used. The press release emphasizes that the robot is open source and the first batch will only consist of 1,000 units. The Chinese tech giant expects that this amount will be enough to meet the needs of the company's fans, engineers and enthusiasts. Moreover, this target audience will be able to contribute to unlocking the potential of four-legged robots. The price for them will be 9999 Yuan (~ $ 1540). There is no information about the cost of future versions, if any.

CyberDog's functionality includes the ability to control it with voice commands, and it will also be able to follow its owner. The design weighing 3 kg allows the robop to wish for a back flip, the movement speed will be up to 3.2 m / s. The robot's hardware platform is based on the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier and is complemented by a variety of cameras and sensors, a GPS module, a wide-angle fisheye lens and an Intel RealSense D450 camera for depth sensing. All elements are designed to help the robotic dog in orientation in space in a semi-autonomous mode. In addition, it has three USB-C ports and an HDMI connector for connecting peripherals.

The available android equipment will allow him to navigate the terrain in real time, create route plans and navigational maps, and avoid collisions with surrounding objects. Together with voice commands, it is possible to control it using a program on a smartphone. How long the robot can spend without recharging is not specified in the press release.

In June, the Chinese company Unitree Robotics unveiled its $ 2,700 human companion robot. He is able to walk behind the owner and carry water. Xiaomi managed to beat the price tag almost twice, but the development of such mechanisms will depend on the wider access of robots to ordinary users and the development of the possibilities of using the technology.
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